​We get many families contact us after the service, and most have one thing in common - they ALL say that it was uplifting, made them smile on such a tough day! And that is our reward and why we love our business so much!

Many believe that as the Dove is released, it is taking with it the departed spirit, to find peace and tranquillity. The release of one dove is very poignant for this. Some prefer to have two doves, to accompany each other on their journey, whilst for others the releasing of three doves symbolizes the Holy Trinity. Often we get asked for one dove for each of the children of the person that has passed away - there are so many different requests, all of which have specific meanings to the family and their loved ones.

​Contact us to discuss your requirements and prices.  In South East Wales our prices start from  £95,   It all depends on distance and number of doves required.

Permanent and exclusive offer for Glyntaff Crematorium & Cemetery

 For just £75 you can release up to 3 doves, excellent and unbeatable prices for any number of doves for Glyntaff only - speak to us for details. 

Exclusive for this Crematorium because it costs a lot less for us to train our doves to home from here in comparison to other areas 

Honour and celebrate the life of a loved one by releasing one or several beautiful white doves

Memorial & Funeral Dove Release South Wales

​Cardiff - Newport - Rhondda Cynon Taff - Bridgend - Neath - Swansea - Bristol

Having been chosen to conduct 100's of services, we have many ideas which can be discussed to meet your requirements. We appreciate for many of you, a dove release is not something you have ever organized, so we are more than happy to give our expert guidance to you. However, if you have ideas, we would love to hear them, and help you make those a reality for you.  The releasing of a dove or several doves is very personal and means different things to different families. We will put a service together for you to reflect what YOU want to say.

Releasing Doves at a funeral

​Whichever you decide, we will discuss with you how you want the doves presented eg in cages or baskets, with flowers or without, and how you wish to release the doves, eg chosen family members or we can do it for you. If you wish to handle the doves to release yourselves, don't worry, we hand you the dove and make sure you and the dove are comfortable before we begin our reading. A reading or poem is written by us especially for you; we never use poems or readings from the internet because we provide a personal and unique service to you. We never leave our Doves unattended, so you can be assured of an impeccable service.

We get requests from families who have lost a loved one that used to keep racing pigeons. Rod also has a  200 strong team of racing pigeons, and we are happy to supply a champion racing pigeon to pay tribute free of charge when you book your white doves with us.

You can book with us directly or we can liaise with your Funeral Director - costs are the same, no Funeral director is paid commissions, so it is up to you how you wish to proceed.


saying farewell to her beloved Mum at Thornhill, Cardiff.