Special Remembrance and community services

​Every year our services are requested by organizations such as World Kidney Day, Road Peace and various charity events. This is done in partnership with the event organizers where doves are released to commemorate an event, person or people who have lost their lives, or to highlight the plight of those struggling to live with kidney disease for example. We always write a poem, or a speech to accompany the releasing of the doves (as we do with all our services) to further highlight the cause.

Please call us to discuss this and we will be happy to give you some examples of the wonderful graveside Birthday celebrations we have had the privilege of attending and various pricing options which start from £75 for our local area.

Other popular occasions for releasing doves in memory are on Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas Time.

Several Funeral Directors also hold a community memorial at Christmas time, where we are asked to bring our beautiful doves to celebrate the lives lost in in that particular town.

 Whatever your occasion, a Dove Release by Lovey Dovey UK will be memorable, joyful and carried out with the utmost of respect and compassion for your family

Memorial & Funeral Dove Release South Wales

​Cardiff - Newport - Rhondda Cynon Taff - Bridgend - Neath - Swansea - Bristol

​Some families get together on the anniversary of the passing of their loved ones, to remember them, place flowers, say a prayer and release Doves as a token of remembrance. It brings a focal point to the gathering, and many say, comfort too.

 Others like to celebrate the Birthday of a loved one that has passed away. This can be done in a solemn tradition, or as a celebratory birthday party at the graveside. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular for family and friends to gather and actually have a birthday party in honour of the person that is missed. This is a great way to remember someone - especially if that person was fun loving. Releasing Doves after a reading or poem and a toast to celebrate their lives, and what they meant to us, seems to be an uplifting way of remembering someone special. As with all our services, the reading/poem is written especially for you.

Memorial Dove Release

Remembering Loved Ones